Cash Mobs Help Inspire Buy-Local Efforts

We’ve all heard of flash mobs. They are spontaneous seeming events, often organized using social media, that bring people together to perform in public places. One of the best things about them is that they convey a sense of community.

Recently in Oakland, a cash mob, organized on Facebook by Alex Haider-Winnett, a paralegal and participant in the Occupy Oakland movement, saw more than 15 strangers gather with cash in hand, ready to shop at Marion & Rose’s Workshop, a local gift shop. This was a great way to boost the store’s sales and spirits. As the Wall Street Journal reports, “The first known cash mob was the brainchild of Chris Smith, an engineer for Oracle.” Chris saw the effect sites like Groupon have on small businesses and thought “Why do we need a discount to support good, solid, local businesses?” What a great idea!

The trend to promote local businesses is moving more and more into the mainstream. On this blog we’ll continue highlighting creative ways that communities are supporting their local businesses and how merchants are supporting themselves–and each other. If you’ve come across any buy local campaigns, share them with us on this blog or on Facebook. Let’s spread the word.

One thought on “Cash Mobs Help Inspire Buy-Local Efforts

  1. We participated in a cash mob in San Lorenzo on National Cash Mob Day and I absolutely agree with this post. The Cash Mob definitely brought more attention to the support local movement and I’m glad you guys are looking for other creative ways to support local businesses. We’re working on this for the East Bay (SF Bay Area) communities and will be glad to share them with you in the future. Marc and Mari of

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